Mini Jog Falls in Namma Bengaluru

Bengaluru offers a lot of surprises when it rains…

Ants outrun cars and traffic when it Rains

Also Swimming Pools surface under Underpasses

So do waterfalls in the heart of the city

Proof below…




Visionary Marvel of Engineering by the authorities.. BBMP and Co…

Irony is that these engineers hail from the land of Sri M. Visvesvaraya šŸ˜¦


A Banged Up Lore -Pothole Se Pothole Tak

Isn’t it amazing that after near about 70 years of Independence, engineering authorities in Namma Bengaluru haven’t yet mastered the art of constructing level roads to prevent water stagnation….

Or do they don’t want to construct level roads ???

A road in the heart of the City… Koramangala…near Sony World Junction

Bitumen’s worst enemy is water… If water is retained… the bitumen comes apart… creating a beautiful pothole…

The concerned authorities salivate… for then there is a continuous cycle from Pothole—>Tar Road—–>Pothole….

Pothole Se Pothole Tak šŸ˜‰



Spot the Difference – A Banged Lore…

It is said that when Rome was burning, Nero was fiddling….


It is also said that when Bengaluru was and is burning, leaders are sleeping…


Times change… History does not change much…History repeats itself !!!


IC -

The Mafiosi – A Bangedup Lore

Mr Honest… “Haathi Singh“… wanted to build a home… his own independent bungalow… in a decent locality if an Indian Metropolis…He hoped that his “authenti-city” would help him settleĀ in the “City…


A light hearted takeĀ of the events that follow.

He went to buy Sand… but had to deal with the Sand Mafia

He went to buy Wood… but had to deal with the Timber Mafia

He went to buy Cement…But had to deal with the Cement Mafia

He went to buy Ore.. But had to deal with the Mining Mafia

He went to buy Water…But had to deal with the Tanker Mafia

He went to apply for licenses.. But had to deal with the Touts Mafia

Fed up… he wanted to go home… but had to haggle with the Surge Pricing TransportĀ Mafia…

He was left pondering… what is the Government doing??

Little did he realize… that this is what Government’s are alsoĀ meant to do!!!