R.I.P Lakes in Bangalore

Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, was also known as the Garden City… with trees literally hugging each other….Lakes would make their presence felt, in almost every locality, and was home to many aquatic creatures and a wide variety of birds..

Rapid unplanned Urbanisation, a deaf and mute civic body driven by blinding monumental governmental apathy across parties has resulted in  a “Bang-ed-lore” of today…

As of today…only tales can be heard… of what was once indeed a garden city…

The below photographs are taken with the hope of spreading awareness…that while many ill lakes continue to hog the limelight for froth, weeds and other poison spewing chemicals… there are many other lakes which are dying.. silently…away from the media and press limelight and governmental apathy…

Photographs P1 to P4 is the tale of a lake within the RMZ Eco-world premise, dying a silent death..

RMZ Eco world in Bellandur, hosts a wide range of world class premium companies.. All turning a blind eye to a not so pleasant sight of a dying lake.. An eye sore…Perhaps Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not applicable for lakes…

The Rich Adarsh Palm Meadows premise is adjacent to the this poor lake!!


P1-A Lake with RMZ Eco-world, Bellandur



P2-Contest -Spot the water. Location RMZ Eco world!!


P3-No Sewage Network needed…Lakes will suffice…


P4 -A silent Death.. Away from the Glare…


P5 – A lake… once upon a Time… Below the Over bridge just short of KR Puram Railway Station

Perhaps worthwhile pondering, what sort of world do we want to pass onto our younger ones?? A barren concrete jungle!! An Asthmatic Bangalore??