Predictive Astrology-The case of Namma Bengaluru.

A few individuals perhaps sense the inevitable… that death is just around the corner…As a matter of fact, once upon a time, people using astrology could predict the time of their death!!

Most of humanity is unaware… when are they likely to die… However, folks residing in Bangalore, ignorant of astrology can as well sense that the death of Bangalore,(a.k.a Bengaluru)

Unfortunately, the death of Bengaluru also implies the death of earthlings residing in the city… the death of our children due to debilitating ailments, the death of traffic commuters due to increasing density of vehicles and potholes, the death of lakes either to fires or discharge of affluents, the death of trees to compress more humans/sq.inch…and eventually the death of flora and fauna,birds and fishes…and last but not the least, the death of the highly evolved creature called “Man”, due to all of the above…

My aim is not to spread a scare or panic… worry not, for the future of Namma Bengaluru is in safe hands and visionaries, cutting across political lines.


Now that the vision of these highly meditative visionaries is known, views are invited on how to save Bengaluru from the road to self-decimation. If not for us, then at leastĀ for our offsprings. They don’t deserve this for our silence!!!

The above article is an attempt to share my frustration after reading the below article


Spot the Difference – A Banged Lore…

It is said that when Rome was burning, Nero was fiddling….


It is also said that when Bengaluru was and is burning, leaders are sleeping…


Times change… History does not change much…History repeats itself !!!


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